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My company the Saci Könyvelő Bt. founded on the 16th of april in 2004 and our main activity is accounting service.

I graduated as a certified public accountant on the 10th of november in 2001. I used to work as an individual entrepeteur from 2001 until 2004.

Before my graduation i used to do the accountancy for individual proprietorships, because at this time nobody has asked on accounting degrees. I did a basic accounting course in ELO on 1995, and this was enough in those days.

I started with a few individual prorpietorship, and then in 2002 i can creat a technical background including accounting programs and computers, so i can assume the double-entry bookkeeping.

The first of it was the Petőházáért Közalapítvány (Foundation for Petőháza).

For working i use the Diamond program family, because its modular design helps me a lot in my job. It is easy to use because with its rental program, the double accounting module and the automatical objective tool module i can work fast, and i can give VAT(value-added tax) lists for my clients.

I started to built my own accounting office in our family house’s mansard in 2006. It ended in 2009 and since then i can recieve my clients in a separate office.

The eletric gate which can manage from the office and the lamp-standars in the yard are making the accession very comfotable for the clients.

Nowadays i do the accounting nearly 60 individual or social enterprises. Petőháza’s almost every association’s accounting are also my job. I graduated as a social insurance administrator in 2007 so i can do the social insurance managing too.

The primer thing for my company is learning and technical expension in every way.

This is what ensures the up-to-date knowledge and the quick and precise attendance.

And of course my family’s prosperity.

Németh Tihamérné Saci

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